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How about the market of outdoor advertising machine

2020-03-20 18:27:16 admin

With the development of science and technology, outdoor advertising machines can be seen everywhere in our life, which can be said to be all over various industries. Outdoor advertising machine, which is different from indoor advertising machine, adopts LCD display screen and led increment backlight to facilitate visualization under strong outdoor light. The existence of outdoor advertising machine is relative to indoor advertising machine, with different names. Let's talk about the outdoor advertising machine market with little editor of Yida outdoor advertising machine.

In 2014, the outdoor advertising machine market was in its infancy, and many capital and visionary bosses began to try this new market. Driven by the foreign market, many enterprises began to open up foreign trade, gradually many factories, in particular, should be called agency factories, appeared, they rely on unremitting research and improvement, to improve the quality of outdoor advertising machines.

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After 2016, the concept of outdoor commercial display began to form slowly, and finally the simple outdoor advertising machine was expanded and corrected in concept and function. All over the country, the market began to boil, and the enterprises of indoor advertising machine began to take a fancy to this accessible cake, because they thought it was a machine that they could produce without increasing their R & D investment, which was no different from the indoor advertising machine, except for the outdoor technical indicators of high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, windproof, dustproof and so on.

In 2019, as the fourth year of the 13th five year plan, smart city construction is still the top priority. Smart transportation, smart medical care, smart community, smart campus, smart retail and other markets are still the areas that advertising machine manufacturers should focus on. The development opportunities brought by the construction of smart city to the commercial display market still exist.

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With the expansion of the city scale and the emergence of many major areas in the city, it begins to emphasize the form of expression of advertising content and how to have more visual impact. Outdoor advertising machine splits, reorganizes and adjusts the complete content of traditional media, with gorgeous colors, dynamic pictures and stereo sound impacting the vision of customers and repeatedly disseminating various commercial or public welfare content. At the same time, by locking in the specific way of life of the public, the subconscious repeatedly affects the public for a long time, thus becoming a part of the public life habits.

Outdoor advertising machine can broadcast advertising information to specific people in a specific place and a specific period of time. At the same time, it can also count and record the playing time, playing times and playing range of multimedia content. It can even realize powerful functions such as interactive function, recording watching times and user staying time while playing. Outdoor advertising machine has gained more and more achievements More and more business owners like it.

In the past two years, the outdoor LCD advertising machine has become a new outdoor media, which is applied in tourist attractions, commercial pedestrian streets, residential properties, public parking lots, public transportation and other public places where people gather. It is a multimedia professional audio-visual system that releases commercial, financial and entertainment information through LCD terminal display equipment.

Why can outdoor advertising opportunities make advertising more powerful?

Advertising costs for large enterprises are a considerable investment, let alone small and medium-sized enterprises. In this market environment, it is obviously not feasible for small and medium-sized enterprises to stimulate sales through intensive bombing advertising. The emergence of outdoor advertising machine provides a new way for the advertising of small and medium-sized enterprises. It attracts people's attention with its fashionable appearance and high-definition image quality, which can play a very good role in publicity. Moreover, the price is cheaper and easier to promote compared with TV advertising, which is the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Because the outdoor advertising machine is based on a unified management platform, with good accuracy, it can push the advertisement to the target groups in need at fixed time and fixed point, reduce the blindness of traditional advertising, improve the publicity efficiency, and at the same time, the outdoor advertising machine can effectively prevent the audience's disgust.

In addition to the accuracy and flexibility of the content, outdoor advertising machines also have a variety of forms of content expression. Businesses can display the advertising content through animation, short plays, videos, pictures, words and other popular ways of the audience. They can also interact with consumers in the form of interaction to increase the interest of users in watching advertisements, and then weaken the mandatory of users receiving information.

For example, interactive outdoor touch advertising machine is to increase the interaction between users and businesses. Through the human-computer interaction mode of outdoor advertising machine, it makes its performance more vivid and intuitive, and can meet the needs of users. With the help of interaction, users can answer any questions through outdoor advertising machine. It can achieve a specific "one-to-one" mode, firmly grasp the needs of users, and realize the advertising effect and communication efficiency.

The future development trend of outdoor advertising machine is to improve the protection performance, display more clearly, optimize the regulation performance, make the equipment more energy-saving, and gradually optimize the more advanced artificial intelligence technology, make the equipment more intelligent, and make the business information better spread and development. To improve the construction of smart city, urban commercial development and information dissemination.