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What should be paid attention to when using outdoor advertising machine?

2020-03-20 18:21:48 admin

With the wide application of outdoor advertising machine, the industry has entered a new stage of development, and brought a new interactive audio-visual experience for the majority of users. In the rapid development of mobile Internet, the simple outdoor advertising machine push information has been unable to meet the needs of consumers.

If the enterprise wants to be based in the industry, it must keep up with the pace of the times and produce the advertising machine products favored by users, so that users can operate freely and choose what they want while receiving information. This new interactive outdoor advertising machine system has a strong interactive function.

Interactive outdoor advertising machine is bred in the complex market environment. It has rich functions and can meet the application needs of many audiences. For example, in the campus, it will push new information and event notices of the school for students, and it can also enhance the interaction between the school, teachers and students.

In the entertainment place, it can provide entertainment services for customers in the public area; in the enterprise, it can play an important role in the conference room.

In the actual deployment process of outdoor advertising machine, we should not only consider the improvement of the above functionality to the performance of outdoor advertising machine, but also consider its durability, capital cost and return on investment.


Unlike traditional billboards, interactive outdoor advertising machines need to be equipped with a touch interface. Every day, many tourists and users will poke and touch them with their fingers. So durability is the most basic factor that must be guaranteed.

Capital expenditure:

With the increase of advertising machine manufacturers, the price of both touch screen and interactive outdoor advertising machine has dropped a lot. Of course, we still need to avoid the big water in the market, so we should pay attention to the fund and its applicability when choosing.

Return on Investment:

For the benefit of interactive outdoor advertising machine, it also needs to be evaluated, but its evaluation will become more efficient compared with the traditional advertising machine. Enterprises only need to summarize the daily touch times of the screen, user feedback, click pages, etc., which is more convenient to monitor.

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Outdoor advertising machine can be seen everywhere in the city. As an outdoor advertising media, outdoor advertising machine has become a worthy high cost-effective publicity body instead of the original billboards and posters. So, what should be paid attention to in the deployment of outdoor advertising machine?

Note 1: installation

Please read the product manual of outdoor advertising machine carefully before installation to confirm whether the local voltage is consistent with the requirements of the manual. In order to prevent damage to the display, the outdoor LCD advertising machine must be firmly installed on the ground or fixed bracket according to the installation method in the operation manual. The internal components and circuits of the display of outdoor advertising machine cannot be changed or disassembled without the guidance of the engineer. The manufacturer of outdoor advertising machine shall not be responsible for the damage of the display components caused thereby.

Precautions 2: Protection

The outdoor advertising machine must be tested. The outdoor protection level needs to meet the IP65 standard level. It can be placed outdoors or in the rain, but it cannot be protected by immersion in liquid. If the outdoor advertising machine is exposed to the sun for a long time, the surface of LCD and shell may be very hot, please do not touch it. Do not install the display near the open fire source, and never use the display at the open fire source.

Note 3: heat dissipation

The surface of outdoor advertising machine shall not be covered by other objects so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect.

Precautions 4: cleaning

Before cleaning and maintaining the internal components of outdoor LCD advertising machine, disconnect the power supply of the display. Do not apply liquid cleanser or spray cleaner directly to the display case and glass. Use wet cloth to clean it.

The above four points should be paid attention to during the deployment of outdoor advertising machines. In order to better deploy outdoor advertising machines, Yida suggests that users should choose all-round protective measures for outdoor advertising machines when they choose outdoor advertising machine schemes, such as air conditioning units, air-conditioning fans, light-proof glass, etc. in the case of uncontrollable environment, we have to design the machines in advance In order to ensure the long-term operation of outdoor LCD advertising machine, there is no loophole in all aspects.